Dec, 2015Posted by Chr. Juel


Danish Hickory Society


The Society is a support group which main purposes are:
To establish the international Danish Open Hickory Championship tournament and to promote hickory golf in Denmark..

The Danish Open Hickory Championship is a hickory tournament played according to rules laid down by The Danish Golf Historical Society which means pre 1935 hickory shafted golf clubs and golf clubs produced before 1935 however, with replaced shafts in modern time as wel as golf clubs produced according to 1935 specifications and with hickory shaft, will be allowed for tournament use..

The Society is also a support for the Danish Golf Museum; it will arrange visits to the museum as well as invite speakers from the museum to Stensballegaard Golf club. It is the intention hereby to give the young clubs members a better understanding of the ethics and the development of golf.

The Society will support the work among the junior players.

Furthermore the Society will aim to make the origin of golf and the technological development of golf, more known to club members in Danish golf clubs..

The Society will gather at intervals to play hickory golf with pre 1935 equipment. It is considered appropriate but not a must, to play in clothing resembling the pre 1935 period.
Thereby making the Society more visible at the course and thus attracting new members.

Who can join the Society:

All golf players with membership in a DGU approved golf club, or any other club which is recognized by the R&A or USPGA.
All members of PGA.

Founding members:

Claus Agerschou,              Stensballegaard Golfclub
Christian Juel                     President, Stensballegaard Golfclub
Claus Valter                       Head pro, Stensballegaard Golfclub

Honorary members:
Christoph Meister                                  Wentorf-ReinbeckGolf-Club e.V.
Poul Erik Jensen                                   Vejle Golfklub
Rick Baril                                               The von Hagge, Smelek and Baril Co.    

Member fee:

EUR 15.00 pr.year.